Drug Policy

Drug Policy

Pillsvilla follows the highest ethical standards. Our policy is to serve excellent quality in our products and services. Generally, consumers have questions about the reliability of generic medicines. Generic drugs that we have on-site are more prominent. Only the name of the generic medicine gets changed, and the rest of the ingredients and formulations remain the same.


Pillsvilla is a registered and licensed online pharmacy and generic & non-generic drug supplier. In our extreme career history, we saw that patients face trouble to fulfill their medication needs. Why do you need a costlier option when a similar solution is available at a reasonable cost?


In our research, we find the difference in binding and colors. These two differences do not affect the therapeutic capability of the drug. These drugs can perform equally with the same dose for a particular problem.

Quality Solution At a Low Price :


The reason for the popularity of generic medications worldwide is their bioequivalent quality. Clinical test results accept that these are equally powerful. By some cost reduction, they come under your budget. That inspires Pillsvilla to introduce generic medications with better deals to its consumers.

Benefits Of Buying Generic Drugs :


Generic medications present benefits to multiple associated parts. It helps manufacturers, online pharmacies, and customers in the following manner:


  • A safe and effective option.
  • Increase in sale.
  • Reduced manufacturing and selling costs.
  • It helps to lift the standard of the health care sector with the saved money.
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